Dim Sum Bonds

Luxembourg is the leading centre for international bond listing. About 40% of all international bond on the European market are listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE), making it the prime listing venue for international issuers

LuxSE was the first European stock exchange to list a "Dim Sum Bond" in May 2011. Today LuxSE already has a global market share of 20% for the listing of dim sum bonds, ranking Luxembourg third in the world after Hong Kong and Singapore.

Currently, 45 Dim Sum Bonds from 30 international issuers with a volume of 34bn RMB are listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. Thus, LuxSE is the leading listing place for RMB denominated bonds outside Asia.

DownloaD list OF names of issuers

65% of issuers of RMB denominated bonds are financial institutions, while corporates and international organisations stand for 28% and 7% respectively.

In recent years LuxSE signed a number of MoU, namely with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2001, the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2006, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2013 and lately in 2014with the Bank of China.

RMB-Denominated Bonds


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